Wooden Single Felting Needle Grip

Wooden Single Felting Needle Grip


A very handy tool to help you safely and comfortably needle felt. Solid wood, this holder comes in two parts--the handle and the slotted plug that holds the needle snugly. Insert the angle-end of the needle (the "not-sharp" end!) into the hole in the handle and insert the plug snugly, making sure the shaft of the needle is in the slot of the plug. I find this much easier to hold then clutching  onto the end of a naked needle.

BONUS! A 36 gauge Triangle needle is included.

Here's a tip: I keep many of these on my workbench or in my travel pack. I have color-coded the plug with a different color Sharpy Marker and insert a different needle in each one: the blue one holds a 32 gauge, the green one holds a 36 gauge, the red one holds a 38 gauge, and the purple one holds a 40 gauge needle. When I am involved in a project and need a different needle, I don't have to take the time to remove a needle and insert a different one. I know by the colored plug exactly which needle it is. Saves time and won't break my concentration.

Here's another tip: Reverse the needle in the handle so that the sharp tip is inside the handle and replace the plug--a safe way to carry and store your needle! 


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