White Bird Feet

White Bird Feet


Game Changer! These White Bird Feet are the answer to the frustrating problem of wanting to needle felt a bird but having trouble making feet/legs that are durable and good looking. Made of metal and pinted white, they are hooked together as a pair. You can use them as is--the loop of wire connecting the feet helps stabilize your bird--or cut it off with wire cutters. Want the "toes" shorter to make a smaller bird? No problem--simply snip them off. Bend the legs to represent movement, bend the toes to grip a branch, toes pointed in, toes pointed out,  stand him on his tippy-toes...all possible!

Here's a tip: These metal bird legs/feet are made out of wire, and soldered together.  Always work slowly as you bend soldered wire so that you don't break the solder. They are very strong and will hold your bird up just fine, but be sure to work slowly when changing the shape.

Here's a tip: Paint the legs what ever color you want! I've had great success with fabric paint or nail polish.

Tips for use: After you have crafted the body with Core Wool, create two holes where you you want to insert the legs. I slide a long nail in each hole to keep it open until I'm ready to insert the legs. Decide how deep you want the legs to go into the body and coat that length of leg with the E-6000, the perfect adhesive to keep those legs firmly in place. You can just slide each leg into the tube of adhesive to coat it. A quick drying time means you need to get those legs positioned in the holes right away; be sure to remove the nails first. Give them 24 undisturbed hours of drying before continuing. Can't wait to see what you make!

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