The Wizard and The Crystal

The Wizard and The Crystal


"The Wizard and The Crystal"...doesn't that sound like a great movie title?! This little perwter dude is holding a magnificent multi-faceted crystal, and he seems rather proud of it! He comes with a round ring attached that you can use to hang him--whether on a necklace or as a sun catcher, it's up to you. But I have this little dude sitting by my computer with a few of his friends, so I snipped that ring right off and he didn't seem to suffer. If you have a dragon, wizard, fairy, or angel lover in your family, this is the perfect gift. They sold in our bead store for waaaay more than this price and sold very well. These are our last few, never used, and I hope they go to good homes. The background in the first and second photos is one of my Abstract Art Paintings; check them out!

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