The Lucet

The Lucet


The Lucet is a tool from ancient Vikiing times; they were used to make ropes, cords and cables used in every day life on the farm and onboard their ships. A very simple tool, it forms a square braid, making it much stronger than a single piece of rope. It was also used to make decortive trim on their clothing and belts and lashes for their outfits.

This lost art is making a comeback as folks realize what a useful tool it is, plus easy to learn and use. Just about any yarn, cord, roving, or thin rope can be used. A great project for any age or ability plus it's portable--a project you can take anywhere!

These are handmade wooden Lucets we designed ourselves to give you the perfect size and grip, and have made by a local woodsmith. Each one features a Celtic Knot on the handle--fond memories of when I learned to use the Lucet in a tiny village in Ireland.

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