The Endless Loom--Bead Weaving made easy!

The Endless Loom--Bead Weaving made easy!


If you have ever done bead weaving, you will know that the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of your project is warping the loom, and securing all the warp threads after you are done weaving. Finally some one got it right and created the Endless Loom, and I hope they are millionaires for doing it!


This loom is terrific for bracelets--the "warp" is made of special elastic bands that come in different sizes to fit any wrist. The warp bands are quickly and easily placed on the loom and you're ready to weave. There is no limit to what kind of beads you can use, but when I teach this as a class we start with 6/0 seed beads--big enough to handle easily and make a really nice bracelet with pattern if you wish. the width of the bracelet is determined by how many bands you place on the loom. One of the photos shows examples of what can be created on this loom--and clasps to deal with! Elastic bracelets slip on easily. In the last photo, yu will see a holiday ornament and are probably wondering why that's in here. The center band of the ornament (called the "belly band") is made on the Endless Loom--it's actually a bracelet! It works perfectly for beaded ornaments as it fits snugly on the ornament and all the fringe is hanging from it securely without showing excess threads.

The kit includes everything you need to make bracelets of any size or width, all packaged securely in an awesome velcro carrying case. A selection of the bands are included to get your started, and we carry a full line of bands in both black and clear so you can continue to create! Instructions with color photos is included, showing how you can make clasp bracelets on this loom, too. Makes a great gift!


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