Story Ball Virtual Class Kit

Story Ball Virtual Class Kit


The Story Ball: Needle Felted Landscape in the Round! One of my favorite classes to teach as I am always amazed by the scenery each student creates. The photos at the top of the page are just there for you to get ideas from...YOU are going to be the artist! Please read this section as you have a big choice to make. No stress...


In this kit you will receive a large Felted Core Wool Ball base, Colored Wool Batting, and two Felting Needles (38g Triangle). We will include plenty of colored wool in a range of colors, but  you get to choose the main colors you want, so please peruse our list of Colorway choices below. The name of each Colorway is merely suggestive of the type of landscape you may want to make, but please don't let that stifle your creativity! There are also Add-ons Suggestions that pertain to this class, so take a look in case you want to embellish your Landscape.


You will need to have a small pair of sharp scissors on hand, and your glasses if you need them


Colors of wool may vary slightly in shade or hue...and there might be wee bits of hay or straw. After all, it's a natural product!



  • a word about Shipping...

    It's an expense nobody likes to pay. And I won't be a hypocrite and raise prices on merch and say "Free Shipping!", because it's not. I'd gladly show up at your front door and hand you your order but that's not practical. It's a necessary expense, and we need to charge it. We are always looking for new ways to save on shipping, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, if the Shipping Rates we must charge are significantly higher than what the actual shipping cost, we're going to make it up to you with free items in your order. It's the least we can do...


  • Add-on Suggestions

    Have you ever used Pencil Roving? Check it out in our Other Fibers Collection--it's terrific for embellishing your Story Ball and so many other uses. Lots of colors to choose from!

    Apple Pins turn any ordinarty tree into an apple tree in an instant! Very labor-intensive to make, I've done the hard work for you--just enjoy what they can add to your Story Ball. Find them in a pack of 10 in the Felting Accessories Collection.

    Don't see a Colorway that you like?  We offer over 50 wool colors--bagged and affordable--so you can have some to create your own combination. Those can be found in the Wool Batting Collection.

    You may want to have additional felting needles as it's frustrating if you break one. They are in the For Your Needle Needs Collection.

    For safety, we have Leather Thimbles and PinPals and for comfort we have two kinds of Needle Grips. They can be found in the Felting Supplies Collection.

    Take a look around in case I've missed anything, and again--don't hesitate to email me at: with questions!