Sheeeeep Virtual Class Kit

Sheeeeep Virtual Class Kit


 You found it--the Class Kit for making Sheeeeep! What it doesn't include is the finished sheep you see in the pics, so don't be confused. They are there only for reference.


You have choices to make, so read this carefully. First, here are the elements in every kit:

  1) Base w/polymer clay feet, wooden legs, and Core wool body

  2) Additional Core wool for forming the head

   3) Colored wool for covering the head and face (not shown)

   4) Colored wool for "fleece"--wool covering the body (not shown)

  5)  2 black 4mm glass Eye Beads

   6) Big Eye Needle

   7) 2 Felting Needles, 38g. Triangle

   8) 1 yard nylon-based black thread

   9) Sheet felt for ears and tail (not shown)


Check below for the many choices you have for colors and choose one. Limited by the website host, I was unable to type that the color of the face is also the color of the feet and legs, but it is--so keep that in mind. The feet and legs are also easy to paint with your acrylic paints, if you want to change them!


Scroll down and find the Add-on Suggestions for more fun things that pertain to this class.


You will need to have a small pair of sharp scissors on hand, and your glasses if you need them!


Colors of wool may vary slightly in shade or hue...and there might be wee bits of hay or straw. After all, it's a natural product!






  • Add-on Suggestions

    Here's some ideas for you...please peruse!

    Don't see a wool color or combination that you like? For instance, if you wanted black fleece with a white head, or blue fleece with a pink head, we offer over 50 wool colors--bagged and inexpensive--so you can create your own combination. Those can be found in the Wool Batting Collection.

    If you would rather use a different type of eyes, check out the Eyes Collection for lots of different ones in a bunch of colors. In the Felting Supplies Collection you'll find the E-6000 Adhesive (to glue Flatback Eyes on). It's in a small affordable tube. There are Black Glass Eye Beads that we are using in the Eyes Collection too--they come in a variety pack of 5 different sizes, suitable for critters and birds you make in the future. You'll also see the same Eye Beads in white--dab on a dot of color and when you add them your critter will have a different expression: grumpy, scared, surprised, eye-rolling, etc. Fun!

    If you need additional nylon-based thread, we sell it by the bobbin, and it will last practically forever You'll find that in the Felting Supplies Collection in black or white depending on the color of eye beads you use.

    You may want to add additional needles--Felting and Big Eye needles--as it's frustrating if you break one. They are in the For Your Needle Needs Collection.

    For safety we have Leather Thimbles and PinPals and for comfort we have two kinds of Needle Grips. They can be found in the Felting Supplies Collection.

    Take a look around in case I've missed anything, and again--don't hesitate to email me at: with questions!



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