Pencil Roving, 2 yards

Pencil Roving, 2 yards


Pencil Roving is a very unique form of 100% wool and I use it all the time. It's very hard to find in small quantities, and is usually made in Estonia and costs a fortune to ship. Therefore, I have made it available so that my customers can enjoy it without breaking the bank!


Sold in a 2 yard continuous strand and shipped to you in a resealable storage pack, Pencil Roving is perfect for needle felting long leaves, vines and stems, making fences, and even the "logs" on a log cabin you might want to add to a landscape. This roving is not twisted like yarn but is comprised of fibers laying aside each other. It needle felts very quickly, and can be doubled or tripled to get a thicker look.


You have many colors to choose from;  scroll down for your choices.

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