Nymo Thread, white

Nymo Thread, white


When you need to take a stitch or two (or 20!) in your needle felted project to add some types of glass eyes, beads or other embellishments, we suggest a nylon-based thread rather than the fibrous type used for sewing. Nymo thread is well known in the beading/jewelry industry for its strength and durability. Perfect for wool-work as well. Lightweight and very flexible. Unlike stiffer products, knots stay tied with this thread!


We sell bobbins of this terrific thread in black and white.

64 yards, may be doubled for heavier projects.


Here's a tip: the perfect needle for working with wool is the Big Eye Needle. If you have never heard of it before, it's a game changer! The entire length of the needle is an eye, so no more wasting time trying to find the eye and stick the thread through. Head over to that page in Accessories and check them out. I always carry a few in my Tool Case along with  bobbins of black and white thread--small, easy to carry and immesnely valuable to any needle felter!