Herkimer Diamonds, 1 pack

Herkimer Diamonds, 1 pack


What's so special about Herkimer Diamonds? A few things: 

1). They are only found in one location in the world.

2). These are Crystal Diamonds, not Carbon Diamonds.

3). Unlike Carbon Diamonds (which are pretty much just grey rock when they are mined from the earth), Herkimer Diamonds are crystal clear and already faceted by Mother Nature.

4). They are double-terminated (having a point on each end).

5).  Herkimers are formed in "vugs"...air pockets inside of rocks, and not necessarily attached to anything!

6). Often water pockets can be seen inside of an Herkimer Diamond, this is called an "enhydro crystal".

7). Herkimer Diamonds are 500 million years old.

8). Each Diamond has 18 facets.

9). They are nearly as hard as Carbon Diamonds.

9). and...my friends and I mined these Herkimer Diamonds ourselves!

All that and yet so affordable. I am holding one packful in my hand in one photo, and there is a packful by the ruler in the other photo. Mother Nature may have added little mineral deposits on some of them. Now go and amaze your family and friends with all your new-found knowledge!


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