Glass Flatback Eyes, EX1, 1 pair

Glass Flatback Eyes, EX1, 1 pair


Glass Realistic Flatback Eyes in many sizes. Make your next project really pop with these eyes! Glue in for needle felted sculptures, use E-6000--a viscous-bodied adhesive (in our Needle Felting Supplies Collection) to secure them, allow 24 hours to dry.

FYI: These are labor-intensive with many steps involved in making them. Occasonally there might be a minor imperfection around the rim of the eyes, but know it won't interfere with the final appearance, as you will be covering the edges with wool to get a realistic look.

Here's a few tips: "overneedling" is the term for when you repeatedly poke your needle into one spot to create a divot. This is a good way to put an eye in, as it looks more realistic to have it slightly receeded into the head. Create your divot to the size needed for the chosen eye.  Add a drop of adhesive, gently place the eye and press lightly. Allow this overnight to dry well for maximum hold. Add bits of wool the same color as the face so that it look more natural, covering the top and bottom edges of the eyes. Once those eyes are in, suddenly your critter or human has a personality!

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