Foam Felting Board

Foam Felting Board


It's important to me that my students and customers have the correct tools and accessories to make learning and needle felting fun and easy. The Foam Felting Boards are one of those necessary accessories that you will use constantly when needle felting 2D, sculpture, critters, dolls, jewelry, etc. Finding the best quality for our needs was not an easy task, but when I did I bought it in a large quantity and have it cut myself. Two sizes meet all your needs--the Travel Size is approx. 4" square and the Full size Board is 10" x 6".

Here's a Tip: The Foam Felting Board is merely the surface underneath your work as you felt. Except for a few more advanced techniques, your NEEDLE SHOULD NOT BE DRIVEN INTO THE BOARD. Let's think about this for a minute: you are trying to needle felt the clump of wool in front of you. You are driving the TOP layers of fibers into the MIDDLE layers of fibers. If you are driving them all the way into the foam board with each thrust you are being counter productive. You are actually felting the fibers into the board. Time to remove your project? If you have been thrusting those fibers into the foam with your needle, you will have to peel the project off as it has become felted to the foam. Now you have to spend the time pulling all the little foam bits that you have torn off the foam board and imbedded into your project. The outcome is a very fuzzy surface of your project that was against the board AND you are ruining your board. Hmmm...could there be a better way?! Yes!

Be mindful of your needle tip as you work: is it actually going into the foam? It's okay if the tip taps the foam board, that's expected. But if you are going deep enough that the project is attached to it, consider being kinder to your board! Keep it in your mind that you are only tangling the outer layer of fiber with the inner layers to create felt. Be kind to your foam board! Questions? Contact me!

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