Felting Needle, 38 gauge Star

Felting Needle, 38 gauge Star

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38 gauge Star Felting Needle: quality really does make a difference! These are not the cheap knock-off needles flooding the market. Comes in a zip-lock bag on sturdy card stock. 38 gauge is my go-to needle for the majority of work I do. Star indicates the shape of the shaft...a cross section would show you that it has four faces running the length of the shaft. Because it has more faces than the Triangle needle, there are more notches which move wool quicker as you felt. The shaft is slightly thinner which leaves a smaller hole as you poke. However, the thinner shaft means it's not as sturdy, so be aware that it is somewhat easier to break if you don't handle the needles correctly. I don't start beginners on this needle, but they quickly move to it once they get the hang of felting! 

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