Felted Wool Balls

Felted Wool Balls


We use these to make our Story Balls. 


They look like regular dryer balls that you can buy at any store, but they're not. The Story Ball is a popular class that I teach: we needle felt layers of bits of colored wool batting to tell a story on the surface of the ball--maybe a beach scene, mountains, a farm, flowers, vacation or holiday memories, etc. As you turn the ball in your hands, the scene will change--it's a fascinating way to...tell a story!


These Felted Wool Balls are specially made for me--felted very firmly and densely. When you hold one in your hand you can feel the difference. When you begin to create a Story Ball, you will appreciate the difference. A nice solid foundation to poke your felting needle into.


An heirloom to be appreciated for years to come--hang your Story Ball as an ornament, sit some in a basket on your favorite table, or use them as a pomander--that's something your grandmother used to use. She hung it in the closet with scented oils soaked into the wool to make the clothes smell nice. Or diffused with lavender oil to keep the moths away. You can hang one in your car with essential oils in it and the scent is released with the warmth of the sun.  So many ideas!


Two sizes to choose from, the Small ball  is approx. 2 1/2" diameter, the Large ball is approx. 3 1/4" diameter. To hang your ball, use E-6000 (in our Accessories Collection). Read more about that adhesive there, and why it's the best to use on wool. Create a loop with ribbon or string, use a long pin (I use u-pins for extra hold) to pierce through the loop. Coat the entire shaft of the pin generously with E-6000 and stick it into the ball where you have determined the top to be. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before picking up the ball by the loop. Enjoy! What a great gift these are, huh?!

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