E-6000 Adhesive

E-6000 Adhesive


This adhesive is great for working with your wool projects. E-600 has a very viscous body, which means that it won't run through the wool, but stays put right where you need it.  Waterproof, washer/dryer safe, paintable, and extremely flexible. E6000 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry and concrete. It also adheres strongly to leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics.


Here's a tip: The tube we sell is small--don't waste your money on large tubes and here's why: as little as you will use each time, by the time you have used half of the tube the remainder will have dried up and is useless. Small tubes are economical and fit well in the Tool Case (see our Accessories Collection) with the rest of your tools and accessories.

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