Big Eye Needle

Big Eye Needle


Whoever invented the Big Eye Needle should be a millionaire...


If you have ever struggle threading a sewing needle, you will appreciate this. The thin, flexible (yet durable) metal needle is 2 1/4" long and pointed on both ends. The entire shaft of the needle is the eye--it splits into two lengths only soldered on the ends. Using your fingers you can easily open it and place your thread or stringing material in it. Pulling the thread down to one end of the needle locks it into place so it won't slip out. Genius! The jewelry industry embraced this needle years ago and finally felting folks are seeing what a valuable tool this is. Keep a couple on hand--you won't be sorry. Check out our Nymo Thread Bobbins; ideal thread to use with wool as it is nylon-based, not fiberous. Learn more about it in the Accessories Collection.

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