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"I shut my eyes in order to see",  famous quote by Paul Gaugin

"Don't do it while needle felting", infamous warning by Pat Pawlowicz


Virtual Class Students

A special Welcome to you! I'm so glad you chose my classes, and look forward to "meeting" you! To purchase Class Kits, go to the Vitual Class Kits Collection and you'll see everything you need. Check out the Add-ons for other fun products.

Feel free to email me with questions anytime!


Find terrific bargains on beads, findings, crystals, minerals, rocks, fossils other treasures from the bead store we closed.

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about A Fistful of Felt

Artist, author, instructor and shepherdess Pat Pawlowicz raises miniature sheep and goats. The Flerd (sheep=flock, goats=herd, hence the "flerd") consists of Shetland and Finn sheep and Angora goats, all producing fabulous fiber. The Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs that live with the flerd are bigger than the fibery critters!


With both home and studio located on their farm in beautiful northeast Tennessee, Pawlowicz travels all over the country and in Europe teaching classes and workshops in the art of needle felting and other fiber crafts. With the current pandemic, there has been much more time spent in her private studio creating new kits and projects for needle felters of all ages and abilities. You can find her book, "A Fistful of Felt", filled with fun needle felting projects, a ton of interesting facts, lots of color step-by-step photographs, and a smattering of humor, in the Books Collection while perusing our webstore!

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